Complete insurance service and coverage for your peace of mind.

Automobile and Motorcycle Insurance

(Liability and Full Coverage Car and Motorcycle Insurance)

Homeowners Insurance

(Home, Mobile Home, Auto and Boat Insurance)

Commercial Insurance

(Business, Public Liability, Owner-Operator Coverage, Self-Employed Coverage , Indemnity Bonds)
Zimmerman Insurance Agency is a leading insurance broker located in High Point, NC. Our insurance services can cover you for just about anything. Zimmerman Insurance Agency's policy selection includes homeowners, automobile, motorcycle, motorhome, property and commercial. We also offer indemnity bonds. Zimmerman Insurance Agency's advantage is our personalized service policy.
Our brokers sit down with you and determine the precise level of coverage you need. This allows you to be fully protected while paying less in premiums. For more information, or to make an appointment to speak to one of our insurance service providers, call us in High Point today. 


Zimmerman Insurance Agency of High Point offers a complete range of insurance service policies to cover you for any contingency. Whether you require personal or business coverage, we can provide the peace of mind you need. We offer:
  •  Automobile Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
Make sure you're protected. Unforeseen events can happen any time, so rest easy knowing that you're fully insured with a policy from Zimmerman Insurance Agency. Contact us to make an appointment, and enjoy the confidence of full coverage.

About Us

Zimmerman Insurance Agency is an experienced team of insurance providers in High Point. We have intimate industry knowledge, a well-established insurance service network, and significant risk management experience. This adds up to insurance services that are incredibly reliable and specifically tailored to your needs. If you're unsure about the level of coverage you need, drop in for a no-obligation consultation. We can walk you through the details of our policies and find something that is perfect for your situation. At Zimmerman Insurance Agency, we always keep you fully informed and aware of the details of our policies before you make any decisions. Get covered today with help from the team at Zimmerman Insurance Agency.
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